The Heroine

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A silicone transistor based MASTER circuit provides 50's power-amp style overdrive which is highly reactive - it compresses + clips the harder you attack it. The PRE acts like a post-phase invertermaster volume, going from60's/70's era drive up to light fuzz. Kick in the SUSTAIN circuit for an extra gain stage in the PRE, taking you into 80's and 90's tones.

The Heroine

Designed to allow for more drive the harder you attack it. Play lightly for clean boost or light OD - and attack hard for more compression + drive.

A two-stage preamp 👫

The Heroine Preamp utilizes two internal circuits to recreate amp-like overdrive. A preamp circuit with MOSFET hardclipping feeds into a silicon transistor based master circuit.


Turning the master up not only boosts the output, but also starts to OD & compress just like an old amp would when turned up. Use this for 50’s era drive.


The PRE control adds OD reflective of your pickup’s output and your picking attack. Use this for 60’s - 70’s drive. If you set the PRE to max, it clicks-in a fuzzy boost - adding  grit & grind with a deep lowend.


The SUSTAIN control introduces hard-clipping MOSFETs which results in a more modern + compressed distortion, taking you to 80s/90s drive.

The Heroine & The Heroine Deluxe


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